“A child playing with other children may be fun, but nothing compares to mommy or daddy playing with their child,” says Dr. Darcia Narvaez from Moral Landscapes. What happens when you as the parent/guardian play with your little one?

  • The body’s stress response is regulated when parents and their child play!
  • A healthy, trusting relationship is built between the parent and child; the child can trust their parent.
  • Children develop in the following areas: emotional, language, self-control, etc.
  • Oxytocin, also called the “Love Hormone,” is a hormone in the brain that is activated and released when triggered by mother-infant boding and social interactions/play. This “feel-good” chemical can help ease emotional pain as it is released. This is why playing and interacting with your children is healthy and important.

How to Play with your child:

They’re the captain, you’re the co-captain but it’s still a partnership!

Listen, Support, Talk, Understand. As your child leads you in play time, partner with them and provide mutual interaction. Communication is a two-way street, so talk to them as they talk to you. They have big imaginations and the dreams to match! Do they want to own their own restaurant and want to cook fries with pancakes? You say” Aye Aye Captain” and make it happen! You as the parent/guardian can bring their imagination to life! When you do this, you develop your child’s social skills as well as their peer competency. So, play and engage, love and have fun! Both you and your child need it!