Children, Inc., a United Way Agency Partner, is a highly rated nonprofit provider in child care, family support, and school age services in Greater Cincinnati.  Children, Inc. services span prenatally through college and career.  Our multi-generational approach to fighting poverty our community as well as our work in advocacy, training, and research builds a strong foundation for success for over 3,000 children and families in our region every year.

VISION STATEMENT: All families and children have what they need to do well and be well.

MISSION STATEMENT: We provide innovative programs to grow knowledge, skills, and strengths that allow families, children, and communities to flourish.

  • families, children and communities we provide:
    • Outcomes in early care and education that ensure school readiness and future academic achievement
    • Effective cradle to career supports that encourage a growth mindset
    • Family-centered supports that give caring adults the confidence and competence to do the best for children
  • For practitioners around the world we provide:
    • Research-based tools and strategies that are tested, scalable and sustainable
    • Professional development that advances the professionalism and effectiveness of teachers
    • Advocacy network that promotes public policies that support families and children

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