Divisions of Children, Inc.

Divisions of Children, Inc.


Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education

Children, Inc. is the only Montessori Teacher Training program within 100 miles that offers a national teacher certificate in Montessori that trains both infant/toddler Montessori teachers and preschool Montessori teachers.  Children, Inc. is proud to offer this through the Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education (GCCME).

GCCME was established to provide quality instruction to individuals who wish to become certified Montessori teachers. We offer a manageable course schedule designed to meet the needs of students who will be balancing home and family life with a Teacher Certification Course.

Through in-depth exploration of philosophy and methods, students graduate from each program with a deep understanding of Montessori education and current trends in child development. Students will be well-prepared to meet the challenges of being a Montessorian.  Visit Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education for more information, or call Heather Gerker at (859) 431-2075, ex. 123.  Children, Inc. teachers are encouraged to apply for scholarships for the GCCME Early Childhood or Infant/Toddler Montessori Teacher education programs.

Growing Sound

GROWING SOUND develops award-winning music CDs and other resources that translate key findings from recent child development and neuroscience research, into practical and entertaining products for teachers, parents and children. These songs, videos, and activity manuals help build positive social, emotional, language and cognitive skills in young children. The foundation of the GROWING SOUND product line is the “I CAN” Series (Songs of Resilience) featuring songs of confidence, belonging and self-control. The latest initiative is the new BEFORE THE BULLYING programs that use music, video and the performing arts to promote bullying prevention. GROWING SOUND songs are created under the direction of David Kisor (Children, Inc. Music Director). In addition to the products, GROWING SOUND also offers school, library and family concerts; and teacher trainings. Visit Growing Sound for more information, or call Aly Bleistine at (859)431-2075 ex. 116.

Kentucky’s Voice for Early Childhood

Children do not have a voice on issues affecting their education, health and well-being. That’s why Kentucky’s Voice for Early Childhood is dedicated to connecting you to state decision makers, so YOU can be the children’s voice. Our action alerts keep you informed about important issues and offer a simple way to email your legislators. To sign up for action alerts, simply go to our website and click “join action network”.  Visit Kentucky’s Voice for Early Childhood for more information, or call Mike Hammons at (859) 431-2075, ex. 122.

Service Learning Initiative

Service Learning is a teaching and learning method that connects meaningful community service experiences with academic learning, personal growth, and civic responsibility.  This powerful teaching methodology successfully unites classroom curriculum with identified community issues and needs.  It is an opportunity for students to learn critical skills through project development, implementation and reflection.  By participating in high quality Service Learning experiences, students learn the invaluable skill of being able to organize information, resources and people in order to improve the community.  It allows the students to take ownership of their learning by engaging them in their own education through experiential learning in course-related contexts, and fostering lifelong connections between students, their communities and the world outside the classroom.  Visit Service Learning Initiative for more information, or call Mary Kay Connolly at (859) 431-2075, ex. 223.

Young Families Program

The Young Families Program of Children, Inc. is a free home visitation program in Kenton County that provides comprehensive supports to parents starting in the prenatal period.  The program continues until the third birthday for the first born and until the second birthday for all proceeding children.  The program is designed to ensure an optimal start for children and their parents. The goals of the program are to ensure a healthy pregnancy, encourage positive parent-child interactions, increase child health indicators, ensure that children are on target developmentally, and to assist families to become self-sufficient.  Visit Young Families Program for more information, or call Sue Milinkovich at (859) 491-9200.

Direct Services

Children, Inc. offers licensed or certified high quality programs to families that could benefit most.  There are 10 center-based early education and care programs, 50 certified family child care homes, and 65 school age programs at 40 school-based locations. Programs are multi-STAR rated and centers are also nationally accredited. Promising practices and eight, innovative quality curriculum components designed by Children, Inc. prepare children for school readiness and success in school and in life. Alignment with the early childhood standards, literacy, social and emotional development, health, arts, and assessments are only some of the priority areas in Children, Inc.’s early education and care and school age services.

Human Resources, Marketing, Volunteers, Program Evaluation and Risk Reduction are support services that also fall under the Direct Services Impact Area.