Create Positive Moments

Creating positive moments for you and your child is important and fun! It only takes 1 second for a negative event to be encoded into our memory. Remembering a positive memory can take up to 20-30. Shared positive experiences will develop open communication between you and your child and lead to a more trusting relationship. Creating positive moments with your child also helps you form a bond that lets your child know, “hey, I’ve got your back”.

“What do you want to do today?”

You can create positive moments with activities based on your child’s strengths or your family’s shared interests. Visit your favorite museum, plan an arts and crafts day, or spend the day at the library learning about your child’s favorite subject. Including your children in these plans can be fun and ensure a day everyone will remember.

Be Mindful Together

Positive moments can be big or small. Sometimes a small gesture; stopping for ice cream, sharing a quiet moment together at the park or even just a hug, can be as impactful as a big event. Spend 5 minutes together and take a few slow, deep breaths. Focus on how your body is feeling as you inhale and exhale, and listen to any sounds going on around you. If your brain starts to wander, do not judge the thought, acknowledge that it is there and gently come back to the moment.

Strength Spotting

Focusing on your child’s strengths will help her create positive memories and will start to improve her self- acceptance. Be on the lookout for your child’s strengths! Notice words and behaviors that help you identify your child’s strengths. If you see your child trying something new, let him know how brave he is! If your child loves making your family laugh, point out her humor! Recognizing and reinforcing these strengths will help create positive moments!