As a Teacher or Parent, you may say it’s impossible to have peace in my home or classroom! But as long as there is a possible in impossible, you have hope! Here are two tips to creating peace in your classroom and at home!

  1. Have a cup of peace

Having peace doesn’t mean ignoring or masking things… It simply means to be accepting with the way things are without it driving you to madness. There are 5 benefits to having such peace:

  • Decreases the aging process.
  • Harmonizes your endocrine system
  • Purifies your character
  • Helps learn forgiveness
  • Increases the synchronicity in your life

  1. Set the Atmosphere

According to Anitra Jackson, author and owner of chronicles of a Montessori blog, there are many ways to bring peaceful education into your home or classroom environment.  Tap into your creativity and make it a place where your students/children and even YOU would want to go! You can:

  • Create a PEACE AREA with a shelf or table that will allow children to take a break, relax or refocus. 
  • Add items to your peace area such as stress balls, a plant, sand garden, inspiration stones, lava lamp, rain stick or any other items you feel will bring about a sense of peace in your environment. 
  • Foliage indoor plants have been associated with lower pain tolerance and lower self-ratings of pain intensity (Parker et al., 2004).

If you get an indoor plant, assign a different student per week to water the plant. This will create responsibility and leadership in your students/children.