As we speak, Kentucky families face an imminent threat to their livelihood.  State officials in Frankfort recently announced severe cuts to kinship care and childcare assistance funding.

Under new eligibility requirements, a family of four would not be able to make more than $22,050 in order to receive assistance.  The number of children this pulls out of regulated, quality care centers is unthinkable, and the number of parents unable to work because they cannot afford childcare is even larger.  The number of childcare centers that will be forced to close has not yet been determined as they scramble to operate. These cuts are not sustainable for our children; these cuts are not sustainable for our families; these cuts are not sustainable for our economy.


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Kentucky’s Voice is a partnership with Children, Inc., 4C of Louisville, 4C of Northern Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky Child Care Coalition and Audubon Area Community Services. We share common interests in children’s issues with other local, state and national children’s advocacy groups and together we make sure that children are not forgotten when policies are conceived, enacted and funded.

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