The Young Families Program is a free program offering home visits to families prenatally through age 2 or 3.  Young Families Program is affiliated with both the regional Every Child Succeeds and the Kentucky HANDS programs. The program is designed to ensure an optimal start for children and their parents. The goals of the program are to ensure a healthy pregnancy, encourage positive parent-child interactions, increase child health indicators, ensure that children are on target developmentally, and to assist families to become self-sufficient.  Each family is paired with a Family Support Worker who visits the family in their home to answer questions, provide parenting and child development information, and assist in linking families to needed community resources.  Home visits vary from weekly to monthly depending on the age of the child and the needs of the family. These Family Support Workers are Bachelor or Masters prepared professionals with expertise in child development.

The Young Families Program also offers services to Spanish-speaking parents through bilingual Family Support Workers, helping Spanish-speaking parents learn about their child’s development and what they can do to ensure their child’s success. They help the families understand the need for a medical home, well-child visits and a regular immunization schedule. The Family Support Workers help link the families to clinics and doctors offices with bilingual medical teams whenever possible to facilitate communication. Many community resources in Northern Kentucky do not have interpreters, so the Family Support Workers become advocates for those families they serve. They often translate appointments and remain in close contact with the agencies so that the families’ needs are met.

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