Children, Inc. strives for community impact.  It intentionally seeks to collaborate with other agencies and organizations to enhance the success of young children and their families at the local and regional levels. Everyday Children, Inc. actively collaborates with over 120 partners including early learning organizations, schools, health providers, universities, and national research projects.

Children, Inc. staff understands that to achieve its vision that all children are successful in school it must be a highly effective partner in the region’s key collaboratives that address the needs of young children and their families. Some of those collaboratives are Success by 6, Strive, Read On, Program for Resilient Children, the Greater Cincinnati Service Learning Network, Northern Kentucky Education Action Team, and the Northern Kentucky Education Council. Children, Inc. staff is experienced at launching a new collaborative if needed.

Children, Inc. seeks new partnerships that promote children’s school and life success.  For more information, please contact Rick Hulefeld at