If you are a relative raising a child of a family member, whether you are a grandparent, aunt, or uncle; we commend you! You have taken on a great deal of responsibility and know that you are not alone.

What do you do when you get an unexpected call from child care services to come pick your grandchildren up or else they’ll be property of the state? How do you manage when your son or daughter falls victim to drug abuse and they are nowhere to be found? Do you blame them? Or do you empathize with them as you take responsibility over their children? Children, Inc. created a guide for relatives struggling with these issues, it can be found here

We know it’s difficult, both emotionally and physically, access to proper resources can help.

Another way to discover useful tips: find out what’s going on near you! Relatives Raising Relatives support groups are located in the Northern Kentucky Area for any relatives who have taken on the task of raising their family’s children. Grandparent raising a grandchild? Aunt or Uncle raising a niece or nephew? Click here for a list of support groups near you.