Children, Inc. is committed to offering opportunities for continued learning that enhance the knowledge and skills of child care and early childhood education professionals. 

Continual growth in knowledge and practice leads to active success with our youth.

Children, Inc. Child Development Associate TrainingChild Development Associate Program

Do you currently work in child care and want to earn a national credential without enrolling in college?

High quality early care and education for young children depends on high quality professional development of their teachers. At Children, Inc. a master trainer guides community child care professionals through the 120 clock hours of training leading to the CDA national credential. For those professionals living in Kentucky and working at least 20 hours per week in a licensed center or certified family child care home, this high level instruction is tuition-free.

We are excited to be a collaborative partner with 4C for children in offering this program! Please visit the 4C for children website for options regarding class locations and scholarship information.  Be part of a learning community and make a difference every day for children.

Contact Andrea Heil ( to learn how you can enroll in a class that begins the last Saturday in August and ends the following May.

Devereux Early Childhood Initiative

Children, Inc. partners with the Devereux Early Childhood Initiative to provide nationally certified Devereux Early Childhood Assessment training, technical assistance, demonstration classrooms and support research on the Devereux Early Childhood materials. The Devereux Regional Early Childhood Center strives to promote resilience in young children in its 3-state region, as well as through its collaboration with the Consortium for Resilient Young Children in Cincinnati and the Covington (KY) Resilience Project.  To learn more about upcoming Devereux Trainings, please contact: 

Debi Mahler

Director of Professional Development

Devereux Center for Resilient Children

(610) 574-6141

Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori EducationGreater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education

Interested in learning about Montessori education? Check out upcoming Montessori workshops and seminars:
Montessori Workshops & Seminars

The Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education (GCCME) provides high quality Montessori infant/toddler and early childhood teacher education programs, professional development opportunities for Montessori teachers, and Montessori parenting workshops. GCCME was established to provide quality instruction to individuals who wish to become certified Montessori teachers while continuing to work full time.  Throughout its history, GCCME has provided instruction in an atmosphere of inspiration, helpfulness, and individuality. The quality of the program, supported by highly experienced faculty, prepares our graduates to become Montessori teachers who are fully equipped to meet the needs of today’s children and families.

GCCME is affiliated with American Montessori Society and accredited by Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education.

Learn more about Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education!

Growing SoundGrowing Sound Teacher Training

Growing Sound offers a variety of training sessions to help provide teachers with an understanding of the latest research on child development and to arm them with tools to implement in the classroom.  You can select from a variety of training topics based on our various suites of products or we can develop a custom training module based on your needs.  Sessions can be anywhere from 1 hour to full day.  Sample training topics include:

  • Building the Child from the Inside Out:  Using Music to Teach Social Emotional Skills
  • Infant and Toddler Resilience: Music and Social-Emotional Development Zero to Three
  • Songs of Resilience: Social-Emotional Development through Music
  • Tough Stuff:  Building Mastery Motivation Through Song