Text Box: PLEASE NOTE: The Professional Development Plan that you write with your director determines your needs and goals for face-to-face trainings, on-line courses, mentoring/coaching, reading and reflection, etc.
 The face-to-face trainings listed above focus on knowledge and skills that many teachers can use as they support the development and learning of children.

To register for these professional development opportunities, e-mail Chris Kelley at ckelley@childreninc.org or call 431-2075, ext. 115. Each workshop is limited to 30 people. (If at least 15 people do not register for a workshop by the registration deadline, that workshop will be canceled.)

Professional Development Opportunities

QCCs: What are they and what do we do with them?

Instructors: Chris Kelley & Rene Bricking

Target Audience: NEW CI center-based staff


Tuesday, January 8

6:15-8:15 pm

333 Madison Ave.

Dec. 21

Integrating Fine Art in the Preschool Classroom

Instructor: Stephanie Burchett, Educational Coordinator at Montessori Center Room

Target Audience: Preschool Teachers

Tuesday, January 22

6:00-8:00 pm

1053 Madison Ave.

Limited space available


Getting a Feel for Feedback:

Supporting instruction by offering children verbal evaluation

Instructor: Chris Kelley

Target Audience: Toddler and preschool teachers

Wednesday, Feb. 6


333 Madison Ave.

Jan. 25



Cycles in a Preschool Classroom: Life Cycles, Weather, Calendar and Beyond

Instructor: Heather Gerker

Target Audience: Preschool Teachers

Tuesday, Feb. 19

6:15 -9:00 pm

1053 Madison Ave.

Feb. 8






Promoting Mindfulness through Music

Instructor: David Kisor

Target Audience: Preschool & School-Age Teachers

Tuesday, March 5

6:00-8:00 pm

1053 Madison Ave.

Limited space available

Everybody on the floor!

Supporting responsive care giving with floor time

Instructor: Tina Cook

Target Audience: Infant/Toddler Teachers

Wed., March 27

6:15 9:00 pm

333 Madison Ave.

March 15







Teachable Moments in Busy Days

Instructor: Chris Kelley

Target Audience: All Teachers



Tuesday, April 23

6:15-9:00 pm

333 Madison Ave.



April 12


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